WHEELING, IL – Quick install cam locks from Illinois Lock Co. install quickly and easily – simply push them into place – and are ideal for use in tight places, since they require no mounting clip or nut. Designing quick install locks into your next product will result in reduced installation time.

New videos illustrating the quick installation process for both the standard and outdoor rated locks are available on the Illinois Lock website at illinoislock.com/cam-locks/quick-install/.

A number of these locks––DC660, DC661, DC663 and SXL660A-100––feature the Illinois Lock patented "V" shape clip that limits the lock’s movement once it is installed. These clips can be customized for different application thicknesses. Variable rotations, key pulls and cam lengths are also available to meet a wide variety of applications.

Quick Install locks are available in both keyless and slot styles, and in both zinc and plastic versions. An outdoor-rated version features a dust shutter and stainless steel bezel. Miniature versions are also available.

Quick Install lock models available include:

• DC660 - A die cast zinc cam lock with spun on cam that fits 5 gage to 22 gage applications

• DC661 - A die cast zinc weather-resistant outdoor version, with dust shutter and stainless steel bezel and spun on cam that fits 5 gage to 22 gage applications

• DC663 - A die cast zinc outdoor version with dust shutter, stainless steel bezel and removable cam. Fits 5 gage to 22 gage applications

• PXC611XS-17 - A plastic version with chrome-plated plastic plug and barrel, designed for metal and plastic applications with material thickness ranges of .030 - .040 & .100 - .140. Fixed cam (cam size and shape per specification)

• PC320 - A mini plastic version

• SXL660A-100 - A quarter-turn latch with slot (no key). Fits 5 gage to 22 gage applications

Minimum order amounts may apply to all quick install lock orders.

Located in Wheeling, IL, Illinois Lock Co. is a leading producer of cam locks, custom-engineered keyless locks, electric switch locks, high-security locks, weather-resistant locks, special purpose lock designs, and ball bearing slides. Superior technological, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable the company to design and produce the best in high-quality security products and components. For further information, contact Illinois Lock Company at 847-537-1800, E-mail [email protected] or visit the company’s web site: IllinoisLock.com.

Source: Illinois Lock Co.

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