June 10th to August 5th 2013

Based on strong demand from industry and past students, the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) along with the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) have developed an eight-week online Green Marketing & Business Practices course to complement the suite of eight existing online courses in the Management Skills Training Program.

These courses are designed for entrepreneurs, employees in management-track or supervisory-track roles, and/or employees looking to gain a better understanding of specific functions within their respective companies.

The new Green Marketing and Business Practices Course will cover a wide range of material, in an effort to address the overall topic of green marketing. The course will introduce students to key points from a maximum range of topics outlined in the course layout and provide additional reading material for those interested in specific areas. Most of this material will be available online in HTML format, with the remainder available as downloadable PDF documents.

Green Marketing Course Objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to:

•Define green marketing and sustainability

•Evaluate current operations in terms of green performance (separate the wheat from the chaff), e.g., identify what is being done and what is easy to do

•Incorporate green marketing strategies into your company's marketing plan

•Develop a business case for green marketing for your company or for a specific project based on green market segmentation

•Identify sources of environmental regulations including export regulations

•Describe current trends and expected changes in green marketing

•Produce ethical green claims and avoid “green-washing” attacks

To learn more about the program, obtain specific information and/or to register for one of the courses, please contact:

Jason Chiu

Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

Tel: 604-822-0082

Email: jason.chiu@ubc.ca or cawp@cawp.ubc.ca


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