Lebanon, IN — This spring, Festool USA—the North American division of the German toolmaker—will launch the CONTURO KA 65 Edge Bander. Ideal for any size workshop, the simple, yet versatile CONTURO combines efficient edge banding technology with precise glue application, producing high-quality edging for even the most complex shapes.

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Festool USA launched the CONTURO KA 65 Edge Bander. Learn about it at the Eveready Booth at Cabinets & Closets 2015 in Chicago (Schaumburg) IL April 14-15.


Engineered to provide a single, easily portable solution for creating the perfect edge on a variety of furniture designs, cabinets, casework and other workpieces, the CONTURO easily edges straight surfaces, curves, radii, convex and concave shapes, as well as internal corners. This Perfect Edge system is further supported by a router-based edge-trimming system and a wide assortment of glue and accessories to create a flawless edge.

“The CONTURO will change the way many professionals edge their workpieces, freeing them up to take the machine to the workpiece, instead of the other way around—but without the difficulties related to more traditional glue-pot systems, such as time to temperature, cleanup and potential burning hazards,” said Steve Rangoussis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Festool USA. “This new tool is extremely mobile and delivers perfect edge quality whether working on straight runs or more complex curves. Woodworking professionals can literally use the CONTURO anywhere they need to go, whether in the workshop or on the jobsite.”

The CONTURO is suitable for machining all types of wood, plastic or melamine edging and can accommodate banding with a height of 18–65 mm (23/32″–2-9/16″) and thickness of 0.5–3.0 mm (1/32″–1/8″). The system features a self-contained glue cartridge system that eliminates glue-pot related hassles while enabling rapid color changes.

The CONTURO also features a clear, informative digital display that provides guidance throughout all stages of use, showing information such as glue level, temperature and speed.

The CONTURO KA 65 Edge Bander will be available March 16, 2015, through authorized Festool dealers. Like all Festool products purchased from authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada, the new CONTURO KA 65 Edge Bander comes with the company’s Service All-Inclusive® comprehensive protection program. This new warranty program covers repairs not only on manufacturing defects, but also wear parts for 36 months from the date of purchase, among other benefits.

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