Butt Cut: End-Grain Cuts Yield Natural Look Veneer
May 17, 2013 | 12:39 pm CDT

Butt Cut: End-Grain Cuts Yield Natural Look VeneerKARLSRUHE, GERMANY - Butt Cut von Schorn & Groh is razor-thin veneer cut from end-grain wood. Its fascinating all-natural look comes from the matching of hundreds of small veneer leaves. Schorn & Groh currently offers Butt Cut in eight design variants.

End-grain wood is obtained by cross-cutting the tree trunk rather than cutting it lengthwise. When this technique is used, the annual rings form highly decorative circular patterns. Until now end-grain wood has been used mainly in the production of cutting boards, butcher blocks and wood-block paving. It was previously considered unsuitable for furniture manufacture because the severed capillaries caused the wood to warp and crack.

As veneer, end-grain wood is easy to work with and suitable for a variety of uses. The thinness of the veneer relieves the stress in the cross-cut wood while fleece on the rear of the cross-cut spliced veneer lends the wood stability and simplifies processing. When handled properly, the product shows no trace of glue bleed-through, warping or distortion. The optional coating of melamine protects the wood from moisture. Butt Cut opens up many new design options in furniture production and high-quality interior joinery.

Schorn & Groh offers Butt Cut in 8 design variants: Wood Pile (Swiss pearwood), New Type (mutenye), Leheriya (American walnut), Wood Stone (smoked larch), Triangle (smoked European oak), Black Shield (smoked larch), Half Moon (smoked large) und Natural Oak (European oak).

The sheets have a standard size of 2600 mm x 1250 mm and a thickness of +/- 0.7mm. For further information, see sg-veneers.com

Source: Schorn & Groh

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