Fowlerville, Mich. Asahi Kasei Plastics has developed a new biomaterial for the furniture industry. This new resin is polypropylene based and is reinforced with cellulose (tree fiber) to provide the necessary strength and performance required for commercial office products and seating.

The biomaterial is also an innovation in recyclability. After 10 complete reprocessing cycles, a 30 percent reinforced compound maintains 83 to 85 percent of its original properties. A similar product, a 30 percent fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, retains 73 percent of its properties after only three such cycles. The plastic innovation helps create a much needed ecological narrative for injection molded products.

The ability for the material to retain its properties also opens up possibilities for upcycling. This cellulose reinforced plastic will provide the necessary first steps in the journey to the gold standard of product reclamation. The cellulose used in the biomaterial is procured from sustainably harvested forests. This gives the product a distinct advantage when it comes to obtaining common environmental certifications such as Level, Cradle to Cradle, and Declare from the Living Building Challenge.

To kick off its newest product innovation, Asahi Kasei Plastics teamed up with furniture manufacturer Izzy+ and performed a material makeover of the iconic Izzy Hannah. Samples of the new biomaterial will also be available for visitors of NeoCon® to experience. Celebrating this new product, Asahi Kasei Plastics is hosting a naming contest at their booth (#7-3030A) at NeoCon®. The winning entry will receive a new iPad Mini®.

About Asahi Kasei Plastics

Asahi Kasei Plastics is a leading international custom compounder of advanced engineered polymers and is the largest glass reinforced polypropylene manufacturer in North America. With a diverse and fully customizable product portfolio, and manufacturing facilities located across the globe, Asahi Kasei Plastics is providing unique engineering solutions for global markets. The company’s product lines include THERMYLENE® (polypropylene), LEONA™ (nylon 66, 66+6i), THERMYLON® (nylon 6, 66), TENAC™ (homopolymer & copolymer acetal), XYRON™ (modified polyphenylene ether – mPPE), and STYLAC™ (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – ABS).

Asahi Kasei Plastics is a fully owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation and one of the global companies of Asahi Kasei Corporation. Asahi Kasei boasts over 28,000 employees in 126 business units around the world. Global sales exceed USD $20 billion and the company is diversified in Chemicals, Medical Devices, Pharma, Electronic Devices, Fibers, Housing and Construction

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