HATFIELD, PA - Lincoln Logs' owner says it would like to reshore production of its tiny logs to the U.S., if it can find a domestic supplier.

The logs are produced in China for toy maker K'Nex, under license from Hasbro. Another K'Nex toy line, Tinker Toys, were refashioned from wood to plastic, allowing production to return to the U.S., though not providing a boost to the secondary wood products market.

An attempt to convert the Lincoln Logs into plastic that could be made in the U.S. was unsuccessful, reports the Wall St. Journal. Customers prefered real wood Lincoln Logs. So K'Nex has maintained its China manufacturing operation while it seeks a U.S. supplier.

"In the long term, it's much better for us to manufacture here," Joel Glickman, chairman of K'Nex, told the newspaper.

Originally made of redwood, Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916, by John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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