TOLLAND, CT – More than 400 students in southern Florida earned certifications in Mastercam CAD/CAM software in June through CNC Software Inc. supported programs.

CNC Software Certifies Hundreds in Mastercam Program

Mastercam certification is a series of tests for programmers to effectively demonstrate their ability to work with CAM software. CNC Software offers two certification levels for their Mastercam program. The Associate Level includes comprehensive testing based on the latest technologies while Professional Level includes the comprehensive testing combined with practical applications.

"By becoming certified in Mastercam, you are proving to others that you have Mastercam skills, and you are proving to future employers that you are experienced and worthy of being hired," says Dustin Spieth, a CNC educational officer.

Each year CNC sends Spieth and a team to Florida to administer the certification program. In Florida, Mastercam is on the recognized list for funding, which means schools receive financial reimbursement for each student who earns industrial certification. Florida requires any instructor who is certifying students to have the same certification. CNC team members work with the Florida instructors on changes to the certification program.

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