Small Stay Lifts

Blum introduces the Aventos HK-XS for small stay lifts. It is part of the Aventos program of lift systems, including various models which cover a wide range of applications for the entire home and include bi-fold or up and over, the lift up or stay lift. A step-less stop allows the lift to hold in any position, adds Blum and lifts are designed to close soflty and effortlessly with Blumotion. The Aventos HK-XS for small stay lifts has many applicaitons, including cabinetry above refrigerators and pantries. Blum’s Servo-Drive electric opening system makes it easy to open and close wall cabinets, says Blum. The lift systems open by themselves with a single touch and close via the press of a switch, which is located within easy reach on the face of the cabinet. Other offerings in the Aventos program include the Aventos HF for bi-fold fronts; Aventos HS for large fronts (also with conrise and crown moldings); Aventos HL designed to coneal electrical appliances; and the Aventos HK and Aventos HK-S for stay lifts used throughout the home.

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