Rockler Woodworking and Hardware’s new State Park Signmaking Template Kits contain a full set of letters and numbers for general Signmaking with templates that interlock like puzzle pieces to keep the letters aligned and properly spaced. The system produces a professional-style font of continuous letters, eliminating the need for a CNC machine or other expensive equipment, says the company. The sleek, straight-lined font is reminiscent of those found on state park, cabin and resort signs. The State Park Template Kits produce continuous letters with no breaks using two–part templates for select letters. Difficult letters (such as B, O, P, and R) are routed onto the sign in two phases (using two separate, interchangeable templates) to create smooth letters with intact islands. The State Park font also includes an option to tighten the space between certain letters that look too far apart when positioned next to each other. The technique, called kerning is commonly used by professional sign makers, and until now has been unavailable to woodworkers making their own signs, says the company. The State Park Template Kits come in two sizes, 2 1/4” Kit (48356) and 3 3/8” Kit (43820). Each kit includes a brass guide bushing and detailed instructions.

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