A few weeks ago I was invited to The World of Concrete by Bosch to check out some of their new tools.

Most were on the market already and I have reviewed a few, but there was a behind the scene section that was off limits.

I'm excited to announce that the curtain has been lifted and I present to you the Bosch GTS1041A REAXX™ Portable Jobsite Table Saw. Like its name states, it is a job site saw, a very well made one at that.

But what is the REAXX™ you might ask? That is where things get interesting. Bosch has entered the safety sensing market with this saw, I've seen it in action and it's the real deal.

Using airbag technology, the blade drops when it makes contact with skin. The blade is not damaged and the whole saw can be reset in less than a minute, with only a cartridge change out.

If you have read my past article on safety, you know I've been waiting for something like this from another saw brand for a while and I am very happy it is here. More information will be coming our way so stay tuned for a full review. But here's the press release about Bosch's REAXX saw.

But for now, let's give Bosch a full 10 finger hand shake on a job well done.

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