Vaya con Dios, Temple-Inland Walking across a yard near Philadelphia earlier this week, I had a twinge of nostalgia as I saw this bundle of Temple-Inland lumber. It may be the last one I ever see.

Vaya con Dios, Temple-Inland As you may recall, Temple-Inland was purchased by International Paper in 2011. Last year, Georgia-Pacific purchased the portion of the company that was formerly called Temple-Inland Building Products Group, and for the employees employed at the Temple facilities, the process of being integrated into the larger G-P began in earnest. I haven't heard what the schedule is for re-labeling the various Temple products as Georgia-Pacific products, but I'm pretty sure this bundle of lumber may be one of the last I ever see with the Temple-Inland brand.

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Well, so it goes. The folks I worked with at those Temple-Inland mills were some of the best, and I hope their new bosses at G-P treat them right. Perhaps G-P can show the rest of the world that there is a beneficial, productive way to employ newly-acquired assets and the folks who run them. That is a story I would love to write about.

Adios, Temple-Inland. Vaya con Dios.