Meyer & Lundahl COO Lauded for Architectural Industry Initiatives
November 29, 2012 | 12:07 pm CST

Meyer & Lundahl COO Lauded for Architectural Industry InitiativesMatt Lundahl developed a passion for woodworking at an early age. Growing up in the family architectural woodworking business, he developed the skills for cabinetmaking, carpentry and drafting. He became a permanent fixture at Meyer & Lundahl Manufacturing following college graduation and marriage.

Throughout his career, and now as COO of the firm, Lundahl has helped grow Meyer & Lundahl into a premier specialty contractor in the southwest. For his efforts, Lundahl has been recognized as a 2012 Market Leader by Wood & Wood Products magazine.

Lundahl’s business mantra is “Gain Crusaders,” and a crusader he is indeed, both for his company and the industry as a whole. Among his achievements, “I was very proud to have changed the perception of our company and our employees to include being ‘on time every time,’ along with the excellent quality we have always been known for. We have completed some of the largest and fastest jobs ever done on time and held the high level of quality and service in doing so.”

Lundahl says the architectural firm has been able to maintain its competitive business advantage by being smart. “We have always kept on top or ahead of the technology curve in woodworking; this keeps our quality excellent and our prices competitive.”

He adds, “keeping costs low and pricing competitive is an absolute must — too many competitors are in it based on winning by price and price alone, so we all have to be able to meet those low prices once in a while and still be successful. To beat these challenges we must find where we have a competitive advantage and select to work for companies and people that not only pay their bills, but pay them on time.”

The company is meeting the challenge by staying lean and will be “prepared when opportunity comes.”

In addition to his role at Meyer & Lundahl, Lundahl also has been actively involved in the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) throughout his career, including participating on committees, presenting seminars and sitting on the board of directors; he is the current president of the AWI.

Of his work with AWI, Lundahl says, “I’m happy to have helped so many others in our industry through teaching estimating, project management, scheduling and other courses. I feel it is important for our trade to keep a professional approach to doing business.”

When not at work, Lundahl enjoys surfing and golf. “However it changes over the years, I like anything outdoors and whatever it is, it is best when I can enjoy it with my kids and family.”

Quick Glimpse

Education: College of Engineering/Construction Management, Arizona State University
Years at the company: 26
Years in the industry: 32
The best advice received: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
The person you have tried to emulate in business and why: No one person, but parts of many friends have influenced me, starting with my father and grandfather.

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