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To compensate for traditional IWF discount, Vortex Tool plans to get creative

We spoke with woodworking cutting tool specialist Vortex Tool about what the company plans to do in the wake of IWF's cancellation. The biannual IWF, originally scheduled to take place late August, is a key event for many companies in the woodworking industry. First, marketing manager Tyler Berry told us the company is working on adding more online content and instructional videos. "This content is to help our customers better understand tooling, applications and setup. The videos will be available on our website and other social media platforms."

Four Tooling Techniques to Improve CNC Router Operation

When selecting CNC tooling, here's one basic rule of thumb: choose the tool that has the shortest overall length possible. This will guarantee that the tool is as rigid possible. Maintaining a level of rigidity ensures the higher performance. Second, adhering to proper collet techniques will safeguard against damaging the tool and shortening its life. Read on for tips on mounting tools and setting rotation direction.

Vortex Tool Education Partners Program

High school, college and university technology education programs can receive special discounts on tooling for classroom workstations by becoming a member of Vortex Tool Company’s Educational Partners Program.
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