What's faster? A pusher sweeper system or a manual offload?

CNC maker C.R. Onsrud does a nice job showcasing the speed and advantages of a pusher-sweeper system over a manual offload system in a recent YouTube video.

One of the advantages of a pusher sweeper, says Onsrud, is the offload table, which allows finished parts to be pushed off the machining bed onto the offload table so a new sheet can be loaded.

In the video, C.R. Onsrud starts the timer after each machine has finished its cycle on sheet 1. The timer is stopped after the cycle finishes on sheet 2.

You can probably guess which one does the job faster. The pusher sweeper clocks in at 58 seconds. The manual offload comes in at 148 seconds - or around two and a half minutes.

"So, the pusher sweeper is faster and cleaner but what does that mean for you?," asks Onsrud's Chuck in the video. "Let's say you run 50 sheets of material per 8-hour shift. Between each sheet, you'll save 89 seconds. This means you'll be saving 71 minutes each shift."


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