Michigan-based industrial designer and YouTuber Eric Strebel's hand-rendering of a piece of wood is extremely precise. Check it out.
"Many times as designers we have to render materials that are foreign to us, even though we use and see them every day," Strebel writes. "Wood is a great example of that. There are so many species with varied textures, grains and finishes available to designers these days. My suggestion is to work form a real life sample of the material that you are rendering."
"In this week's video I demo a simple rendering, using a 2"x4" pine sample. I talk a little bit about the grain structure that runs through the wood, and also touch on the importance of the 1-2-3 read, as well as basic shadow layout for reading an object in 3D. The sample technique should be applicable to industrial designers, interior designers, and architects."


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