Matthias Wandel, woodworker, YouTuber, and inventor of the PantoRouter, has engineered some pretty inventive contraptions to dampen the vibration on his old contractor's saw.
"The way I have the motor mounted on my old table saw, if I crank the blade most of the way down, the motor mount "bottoms out" so the motor is no longer hanging off the belt. I noticed that in this state, there is a lot less vibration," says Wandel.
"I thought it was because, with the motor mount bottomed out, the motor can't move up and down with the belt anymore. This gave me the idea of mounting a shock absorber between the motor and its mount to prevent it from shaking up and down."
Wandel is a prominent YouTube woodworker. He's also inventor of the PantoRouter, a 2016 IWF Challengers award semi-finalist.
The PantoRouter allows clients to create templates of their own designs for functional and attractive joinery or creative designs. There’s no other tool or jig for woodworkers available today with the straightforward simplicity and the open-source potential to create truly unique and functional joinery, patterns and designs. 
He's also created a unique machine that sets up dominoes in uniform rows. The machine works by pushing a magazine full of dominoes forward along the table while a slider pushes them out one at a time as the machine slowly drives along.


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