As lumbermen at Fall Line Ridge were cutting boards from a giant cedar log, they wrecked their saw blade after it came into contact with nails. They got questions from their YouTube subscribers asking if there was anything they could do with damaged blades and if any monetary setbacks would be suffered.

He first demonstrates cuts using both the wrecked blade and a fresh blade - proving that the damaged blade does in fact produce an inferior cut.

To repair the blade, a Cooks Saw Dual Tooth Setter is used to push damaged teeth in and out as little as 25 thousandths of an inch. Precision is key, and the setter's gauges provide it.

Watch the video for the rest of the demonstration as it showcases some pretty nifty engineering. 

Fall Line Ridge follows a group of men's "adventures in sawmilling, homesteading, gardening, and simple living." Watch them find red gold in a windfall cedar tree.

Despite only launching two months ago, Fall Line Ridge's YouTube channel already has amassed 135,000 subscribers and millions of views. 

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