COLVILLE, Wash. - If you ever wanted to see through the eyes of a lumberyard crane operator, Vaagen Brothers Lumber has you covered.

In addition to operating a flagship facility in Colville, Washington, Vaagen Brothers Lumber operates sawmills in Usk, Washington and Midway, BC - with the recent addition of a planer mill in Athol, ID. At each Vaagen operation, quality lumber begins with quality trees. High-quality small trees yield good small logs, starting at 4 and a half inches on the small end and 14 inches on the large end. Species range from Douglas Fir, Larch, Pine, and Hem-Fir.

Log supply comes from private, state, federal, and tribal land. Once logs arrive at the Colville operation, they are weighed and unloaded by the companies 128 foot P and H crane. Towering above the mill, the crane feeds logs into all machine centers and handles 500 bites of material per day.

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