Lego-inspired drawer system prevents hardware from shifting around
January 3, 2018 | 12:37 pm CST
Woodworker and YouTuber Jeremy Schmidt didn't like how his removable drawer inserts would shift around after one was removed. So he built a hardware organizing system that prevents shifting. Check it out above.
I wanted a way to organize hardware in the drawers of my concrete workbench, so I decided to make some simple boxes to fit in the drawers, all sized on a common increment so they would fit and fill the drawer no matter how they were arranged. But I have some experience with this kind of setup, and I know that the boxes tend to slide around whenever you remove one of them and give them the freedom to do so.
Initially, I thought of simply adding some non-skid material (such as sandpaper or rubber) to the bottom of the boxes, and while that should keep the boxes from shifting when one is removed, it would not keep the boxes from cramming against one another and making them difficult to remove. The grid system I came up with, inspired by Lego, maintains a 1/16″ gap between each box. This not only gives a nice amount of clearance for inserting and removing boxes, it also gives it a very neat and tidy appearance.

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