Finishes preserve wood and are food-safe: Ethan reviews

Custom furniture maker and YouTuber Ethan Abramson reviews Walrus Oil’s cutting board oil, pure mineral oil, and wood wax. Check it out above.

In reviewing wood oils, Ethan looks for a thick, single-application coat that brings out the beauty of the wood without sacrificing protection, which is what Walrus Oil’s products offer.

Walrus Oil provides food-safe finishes with a line of products that can be used on practically any wooden kitchen tool or woodworking project, including furniture. Its mineral oil is enhanced with Vitamin E and can be used as a cutting board finish or as a lubricant for knives and food equipment. A pinch of the company’s wood wax will condition a cutting board and includes no additives that could cause yellowing of the finish. 

To prevent grain fibers from rising after use, the company recommends sanding the surface with a fine or very fine grit before applying Walrus Oil. Once sanding is complete, an even layer of Walrus Oil should be applied on all sides of the board. The company instructs that the board should be propped up on something to allow all sides to dry at the same time. It should be allowed to dry for at least 12 hours and for no more than 48.

After the board has dried, excess oil should be buffed away with a soft rag before working in any waxy residue. While not necessary, the company says that a second coat may be applied for extra depth and color. Made with certified Fair Trade ingredients, Walrus Oil’s products are FDA compliant for food-contact surfaces. Ingredients include coconut oil, mineral oil, vitamin E, and beeswax.

Ethan would like to make clear to his audience that no walruses were used in production.

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