AWFS Fair: CMA Cabinetmaker Certification Program

Dave Grulke, executive director of the Cabinet Makers Association, discusses the CMA's new credential programs for cabinetmakers and custom woodworkers unveiled last month at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

“When we looked at the industry, we saw a gaping hole,” said Dave Grulke, executive director of the CMA. “While there are other professional educational and standards programs available that address design, technique, construction standards and a smattering of other areas, there was nothing that seemed to address the entire business of running a successful custom woodworking or cabinet shop. That’s where CMA’s Professional Certifications differ. We address the entire business, and include the all important customer’s perspective in our program.”

The CMA will incorporate CEU credits into its seminar presentations being planned for the 3rd Custom Cabinet Conference, February 15-17, 2012 in Austin, TX.


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