5 Video Channels Woodworkers Will Want To Visit
June 25, 2015 | 8:10 am CDT
At the Vimeo woodworking channel, Jason Birchfield tells his story as a furniture maker, working sustainably harvested hardwood in Ohio.

Video is a key way to convey information about how to do things, how things work, to show off technology. And with the advent of high definition streaming video online, woodworking projects can be well shown, including details like wood specie selection, fit, and finish. Below are five channels Woodworking Network has run across lately that are worth a look:

For kicking back in the woodshop on personal time, there are some quality video channels you will want to explore, each with a little different flavor, but all casual and fun. Woodworkers Guild of America, run by TNM Marketing; and a popular Youtube channel, Mark Spagnuto's Wood Whisperer.


1. Woodworkers Guild of America (YouTube)

Dozens of videos at Woodworkers Guild of America  provide useful information to professionals.

Choosing a Sliding Mitre Saw Blade - Woodworkers Guild of America

Master woodworker George Vondriska discusses some of the key components of the Woodworking Tips: Power Tools - DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blade that make it optimal for cutting materials like aluminum and MDF, and teaches you what to look for when shopping for your own sliding miter saw blade including teeth count, hook angle and an option called "Triple Chip Grind" (TCG). Yes, DeWalt provided the blade, but no, the video is not about DeWalt - it's about saw blades and what they do.

Cleaning a Spray Gun Head - Woodworkers Guild of America


2. The Wood Whisperer (YouTube)

Marc Spagnuolo is a podcaster, video producer and woodworking enthusiast. He has contributed articles and video content to FineWoodworking.com and Popular Woodworking Magazine. His "Wood Whisperer" website combine four of his passions: woodworking, technology, education, and humor.

Marc started his own woodworking business, focusing primarily on studio furniture, but most of the time was spent on standard cabinetry, commercial work, and refinishing. He started The Wood Whisperer as a way to share his experiences as he built projects for his clients. Today, creating videos for his website and Wood Whisperer Youtube Channel is his primary business.

3. Woodworking Masterclass (YouTube)

Australian woodworker Steve Hay is a local television personality and operates Woodworking Masterclass as a How-to channel for Woodworkers of all skill levels. The quality is good, the subjects vary, but sometimes the presentations are on the wordy side. U.S. views will take a few moments to acclimate to Hay's Australian accent. The videos help promote his www.woodworkingmasterclass.com.au. Hay is an enthusiastic presenter and the sound and visuals are clear as he shares his knowledge freely and from time to time uploads guest videos.

Make a Bow-Sander, for sanding Cabriole Legs & Curves - Woodworking MasterClass


4. ToolsToday.com (YouTube)

ToolsToday.com has begun placing higher quality how-to poject videos in its Youtube channel, such as a kerf chair project, or an alien art panel carved from polyurethane fixtures board.

How to Make a Kerf Chair, Designed by Boris Goldberg, Using Amana Tool CNC Bits - ToolsToday.com

A chair frame part has been cut on a Techno CNC using using Amana Tool CNC Compression Spiral Bits, which ToolsToday sells.


5. Equipment Suppliers (YouTube)

Large capital equipment suppliers are using video more effectively, for machine demos, tradeshow news, and expecially to profile customers. Here are a few recent ones:

Hobby Lobby Profile:  CR Onsrud American Originals Playlist

Hobby Lobby builds hundreds of instore fixtures for its retail outlets.

Stiles Machinery Celebrates 50 Years with Video Profiles

Paladin Industries talks about its relationship to Stiles Machinery.

Bonus Video Material

And finally, though not technically a video channel, Vimeo has some very beautiful presentations of woodworking shops, frequently mixed with  original music.

Jason Birchfield - for - Goods of Record

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