U.S. Engineered Flooring Industry Gets Boost from Government
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U.S. Engineered Flooring Industry Gets Boost from GovernmentThe U.S. multilayered flooring industry received a boost following the announcement last week by the International Trade Administration that antidumping and countervailing duties would be assessed on more than 100 Chinese manufacturers whose products are imported into the United States.

Both the U.S. Commerce Department and International Trade Commission, in their final determinations, found that indeed an injury has been done to U.S. manufacturers of engineered wood flooring utilizing veneer. Excluded from the scope of the order are laminate flooring products as well as cork and bamboo flooring.

While I applaud the ruling that removes the competitive price advantage that Chinese multilayered wood flooring manufacturers has over their U.S. counterparts, I am cognizant of the fact that the government cannot be solely responsible for solving all our domestic manufacturing problems. U.S. manufacturers are still on the hook to improve the productivity within their plants, whether through lean manufacturing, new technology, or a combination of factors. Only then can we be sure of a long and profitable future for the wood products industry.

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