Built-in cabinetry showcases fireplace
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Wendy Scott, Timeless Closets & Cabinetry, is a 2024 Top Shelf Design Awards finalist.

Specialty (Craft, Pantry, Laundry, Mudroom)

Project title:
Elegant Hearth Haven

Project Description:
The designer pursued an upscale fireplace aesthetic and embarked on a custom-build project, flanking the fireplace with meticulously crafted features. To achieve the luxurious appearance of wood, we employed a unique approach—adhering to two 3/4-inch panels and accentuating them with a 1.5-inch edgeband. Ensuring a seamless and polished look, the units were expertly clamped together in the field, eliminating the need for visible cams and preserving the sophisticated ambiance. The absence of a backing presented an opportunity to conceal lighting cords discreetly; small grooves were artfully incorporated into the backs of the material sides. Navigating challenges with finesse, we addressed the presence of baseboard heat on the right side by constructing a boxed-out structure, allowing proper ventilation through the baseboard. The design had to consider the ornate tray ceiling, restricting the extension of the units to the ceiling. Facing limitations posed by material dimensions, the right area's elongated nature prompted a creative solution. Extra-long materials were procured and meticulously laminated to match, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look without visible seams. This fancy fireplace ensemble speaks to the artistry of design and showcases innovative solutions to overcome challenges. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail have resulted in a fireplace feature that elevates the space aesthetically and seamlessly integrates practical considerations.

Project Construction:
The baseboard heat was located below the right unit and boxed out, with vents applied to the baseboard. 3/4-inch boards were glued together, and an extra-wide edge band was used. For oversized sections, we bought laminate and skinned material to size.

Materials Used:
Finsa Tessuto and 1.5-inch edgebanding, Richelieu lighting

Equipment Used:
KCD and Closetpro


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