Valinge Innovation was just about to ship material from Sweden to Atlanta when they got the news, said Lennart Thalin, regional manager for North and South America.

Thalin said the company is holding virtual webinars for invited groups and one-to-one meetings. He said Valinge will most likely try to do some more marketing in magazines than planned, and will most likely ship more samples to customers that they would have met at IWF.

“We are naturally pushing the easy assembly method and the advantages our Threespine system has vs. traditional assembly process(es),” Thalin said. “We think that the situation with coronavirus has highlighted the need for easy assembly even more; now people shop online and they don’t want anyone to come and install products in their home. We are seeing more companies being interested in this technology and more producers of Threespine products are available.”

Online sales are increasing and easy assembly will help the end customer, Thalin said.

“What’s good with our system is that the quality of the end product is done in production and not by the end customer. Traditional assembly technologies depend on the skills of the one who assemble the product.”

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