Swedish panel products manufacturer Valinge has been demonstrating its Threespine click technology at IWF 2016, which makes it possible to assemble furniture in seconds without a need for tools, screws, or plugs. 
It works like this. As a panel is pushed into position, a tongue is forced into a groove. When it reaches its final position, the tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emitting a clicking noise and locking the panels. Dismantling the piece is even easier; a dismantling strip simply pushes the tongue back into the groove.
The technology also enables designs without any visible holes, and is reported to be suitable for a wide range of materials and material combinations.
Valinge Innovation is a research and development company in the flooring and furniture industry. In 1994, the company developed the concept of glue-free click flooring. The Threespine system is an adaptation of that technology.
In addition to tool-less furniture assembly, the company is preparing to invest in LVT flooring, digital micro 3D-printing and wood powder technology. 
Valinge click technology has been drawing consistent crowds at IWF 2016. Check it out at booth #4119.

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