Off The Saw, a Collective Wood Shop in Downtown LA
August 14, 2015 | 2:42 pm CDT

Off The Saw is a collaborative wood shop in Los Angeles’ garment district. We bring talented woodworkers together around quality tools and shared knowledge. Our tools are geared toward fine furniture making, and include two Sawstop table saws, 20″ bandsaw, 12″ jointer, 8″ jointer, 15″ planer with helical head, industrial drill press, router table, horizontal boring machine, sliding miter saw, plunge saw, jigsaw, routers, sanders and more.

All large tools are vintage cast iron, in excellent condition and well maintained, and all small power tools are Festool. Each maker has dedicated bench space and access to all tools. Large, west facing windows provide abundant natural light throughout the shop and a view of the Downtown skyline. Off The Saw attracts select professional woodworkers who are committed to design and to craft, and we welcome woodworkers at any stage in their career.

We emphasize handwork, sensitivity toward material and attention to detail. We aim to create unique, heirloom quality items. Off The Saw also partners with Los Angeles based shops, such as Offerman Wood Shop and Sidecar Furniture, to offer workshops to the general public.

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