Sander with connectivity

Available from Stiles Machinery, the Homag SandTEQ W-300 is designed for small- to medium-sized shops and to provide flexibility when sanding solid wood, veneer, sealer, high gloss, or solid surface materials. It features a 21-inch powerTouch control, Tapio connectivity for advanced industry 4.0 functionality, and a wireless device for easy workpiece measurements. Seven sanding units are available to choose from and drive outputs are available up to 30kW.

About Stiles Machinery

Stiles has been helping manufacturers achieve high performance with quality machines and service since 1965.

Today, a wide range of industries partner with Stiles. We bring innovative concepts, new technologies and outstanding service to aerospace, transportation, alternative energy, architecture and structural elements, furniture, retail fixtures and other industries.

We offer expertise in manufacturing within a range of materials, including wood, plastics, composites, carbon fiber, glass, stone and nonferrous metals.

We can help you test and implement new techniques that will revolutionize your business and your industry.





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