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Racks for cabinet & interior door finishing

PaintLine has two new finishing solutions for cabinet door/drawer fronts and interior passage doors. The ProDryingRack Transport (PDRTR) allows for the safe transporting of newly finished cabinet doors and the Interior Door Spray & Dry Series (PSDRID) is for finishing and drying interior doors. These new products help users save time, effort and space, the company says.

About PaintLine

Since the 1990s, PaintLine has provided innovative, practical and economical drying rack, spray stand and other process-oriented product solutions for cabinet makers, millwork shops, residential remodelers, renovators, commercial painters, and DIYers. PaintLine is a Merchandising Systems Inc. brand, a leader in metal fabrication for material handling and retail store fixturing for over 50 years. PaintLine is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA. For more information, go to or call 1-510-477-9100. In Canada, go to and in the United Kingdom,