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Diaphragm Pump Series for Single Spray Gun Application
August 20, 2015 | 1:45 pm CDT

Binks introduces its DX70 Series of Diaphragm Pumps. Binks says the series offers a high-performance solution for single spray gun applications with a built-in fluid regulator for constant direct feed delivery. The new DX70 series of air operated 1:1 ration diaphragm pumps is built for direct feed to a single spray gun. The built-in fluid regulator ensures a constant and virtually pulse-free fluid delivery. The design reduces the cost and complexity of additional fluid regulators or surge chambers, adds the company. The DX70 pump has a diaphragm no-crease shape, for a long life, says Binks. The Air Valve provides smooth, quiet and surge-free paint delivery up to 34 fl. oz/min (1000 cc/min). The Acetal Pump Body with Stainless Steel Balls and Soft Seats allows for universal paint compatibility for solvents and water based materials and the Air operated 1:1 Diaphragm Pump is designed for supply of paints and materials to spray gun and fluid transfer applications. It offers four configurations: wall, cart, tripod or pail options.