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Multi-Tool Sprayer

The FlexSpray from Titan offers a multi-tool designed to make painting faster. Lightweight and portable, the FlexSpray features “JetSpray Technology” which combines the power of airless and the precision of HVLP, says the company. The FlexSpray can be used with a wide range of finishes, for interior, exterior and fine finishing projects. It can be used to achieve a high gloss finish on cabinets and furniture, a roller nap finish for existing drywall, special effects finishes for multi-color coatings, and more, says the company. A quick change system allows users to reconfigure the front end to apply different coatings and easily change colors without needed to clean equipment, adds Titan. The front ends are sealed systems that will store material, so no cleaning is required while waiting for paint to dry. The FlexFinish front end is for spraying heavy-bodied finishes such as latex, enamel and acrylic. The patented slot nozzle design enables spraying of coatings with precision and minimal overspray, says Titan. The optional FineFinish front end accessory is optimized for thin coatings, such as stains, lacquers and urethanes.  The FlexSpray gun weighs two pounds, which helps reduce fatigue, according to the company.

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