Titan's FlexSpray Offers a Flexible Multi-Tool for Painting
July 11, 2013 | 4:11 pm CDT
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MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Titan introduces FlexSpray, a multi-tool designed to make painting faster and easier for painting professionals, as well as occasional painters like property maintenance specialists, handymen, and traditional brush and roller painters.

Lightweight and portable, FlexSpray with JetForce Technology puts the power of airless and the precision of HVLP into one versatile sprayer. Capable of spraying all types of finishes, FlexSpray is for interior, exterior and fine finishing projects. It will achieve a high gloss finish on cabinets and furniture, a roller nap finish to match existing drywall, special effects finishes for multi-color coatings, and everything in between.

A quick change system makes it possible to disconnect one front end and reconnect another front end in a matter of seconds. This allows flexibility to apply different coatings and change colors on the fly without needing to clean equipment. Because the front ends are sealed systems that will store material, no cleaning is required while waiting for paint to dry, or for longer periods of time, depending on the coating.

The FlexFinish front end is for spraying heavy-bodied finishes such as latex, enamel and acrylic. A patented slot nozzle design enables spraying of coatings (no thinning required) with precision and minimal overspray. The optional FineFinish front end accessory is optimized for thin coatings like stains, lacquers and urethanes. It allows for a finer adjustment range on the low end for the most detailed work.

The FlexSpray offers a lightweight gun that weighs only two pounds, which greatly reduces fatigue when compared with heavier airless handheld units. Air supply is triggered at the gun, so the unit is only working when spraying, minimizing noise and power consumption.

“The FlexSpray is really two sprayers in one,” said Chris Noto, product director for Titan. “It was designed to save time and material while delivering maximum performance, reliability and professional quality results.”

With 10 times the life of other handheld airless sprayers on the market (1,000 gallon life), FlexSpray is outfitted with Titan’s JetForce Technology variable speed engine. It provides the atomization power of a four-stage HVLP and the speed of an airless sprayer with a 413 tip size.

FlexSpray is available in the U.S. and Canada at professional equipment and industrial supply retailers, paint products distributors and service centers. For more information, visit TitanTool.com.

About Titan:

As the leader in spraying technology, Titan manufacturers and markets a full line of professional-grade sprayers for applying a variety of coatings. Titan products include airless and air powered paint sprayers, fine finishing sprayers, sprayers for applying texture, roofing and corrosion control and protective coatings, and line stripers for sports fields and asphalt. For nearly half a century, contractors and maintenance professionals have relied on Titan products for world-class, end-to-end solutions that are dependable and easy to use. For more information, visit TitanTool.com.

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