Shop automation software with production and planning modules
May 21, 2022 | 10:05 pm CDT

Web-Cab's modular software solutions enable users to connect, optimize, track, and synchronize both business planning and production processes allowing users to monitor, in real time, all aspects of your business from planning operations to delivery of the finished product.

Production Assistant is a factory production management software Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The scalable solution requires little training for users, the company says. Modules offered include damaged parts management, automation of part sorting, 3D visuals for the assembly of cabinets, and control of the delivery loading by RFID microchips.

Planning Assistant is a planning tool for managing timelines, workload and keeping everyone informed. When creating a new project, the user identifies either the installation, delivery or production date and all steps are back scheduled in the calendar, letting every member of the team know when a job is scheduled to start and more importantly when it needs to be ready to ship to the customer.