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Vero Software's 2018 R1 WorkPlan ERP release, CRM, developed a new interface specifically for the woodworking, joinery, and interior-design sector and introduces a mobile license solution from Swing Mobility to enhance performance and accessibility. Available for Apple, Android, and Windows platforms, the license offers quick access to customer data, tracking, and organizing CRM actions. An introduction of a packing management module offers tight control over shipments and rapid data exchange between different departments. To optimize production equipment, the software has integrated CMMS functionality which defines spare part lists and document management for each machine, and allocates time and purchase records for unproductive tasks. Integrating with Vero Software’s Cabinet Vision application, the software combines a specialized interior layout CAD/CAM system with a high-performance project management solution. To help improve efficiency and performance, WorkPlan employs electronic data interchange, non-standardized application programming interfaces, and database synchronization. Other new features of the software's different modules are favorites management, automatic planning updates, dual-entry management, and document management.

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