Mink MV claw vacuum pumps

The Busch Mink MV 0312 B claw vacuum pumps are contact-free, so no component wear occurs and replacement parts are not required. Maintenance is confined to changing the gearbox oil every 20,000 operating hours. Busch says these vacuum pumps cover pumping speeds specifically for woodworking applications in which a constant vacuum level and high pumping speed are essential, such as clamping in CNC routers. 

With a silencer design, the Mink MV allows a level of quiet operation that enables installation near workplaces. Mink claw vacuum pumps are also ideal for use in centralized systems supplying vacuum to several systems located throughout a production facility. These pumps can be frequency controlled to match immediate performance requirements, even under changing process conditions. This makes it possible to precisely maintain a pre-defined pumping speed and provide constant vacuum at a specified level. This demand-driven control enables the vacuum system to achieve additional energy savings – up to 60% on vacuum generation costs on CNC routers in comparison with dry rotary vane technology. 

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