Mini RFID Handheld Reader

A slim, handheld mini RFID reader, the RG-500, has been introduced by Northern Apex. The device is small enough to fit in a pocket but powerful enough to connect to a backend system via Bluetooth, displaying display key information on its onboard LCD display screen. Northern Apex says it makes it easier and cheaper for companies to use for field sales, item identification, outside or in-house inventory, check-in or checkout and other purposes.

The device is powered by an Impinj Indy RS500 Reader SIP (System in Package); along with Northern Apex proprietary electronics and programming, that makes this system the ultimate in portable RFID readers. With onboard rechargeable battery, it weighs 4 ounces.

“Because businesses have so much data, and because often times they can’t access it quickly or when they need it; there is a gap," says Mike Gigli, Managing Director at Northern Apex. "We have had customers approach us wanting a low upfront cost reader so they could equip each of their line workers with one. Competitor’s models were too expensive to purchase in large quantities and they were just too bulky. When a customer has the ability to instantly read a tag, when they need to, it puts them one, step closer to having instant insight. To us, instant insight means that management knows the condition of a process or an assembly line right now and they are empowered to make corrections before it becomes a major problem.”