Woodworking lubricants
May 12, 2022 | 10:55 am CDT

Available from ACMOS, the Waxilit series of lubricants are designed to minimize friction anywhere wood slides over the metal, wood, or plastic surfaces of production woodworking machinery, especially those with automatic and manual bed lubrication systems, such as moulders and planers. A silicone-free product, it also provides protection for both the surface of the machine as well as the wood from any unwanted etches or from becoming rough and unusable,  is easy to use and does not leave any greasy residue.

Celebrating 35 years in the USA, ACMOS' portfolio of products for the woodworking industry includes release agents, lubricants, glue releases, waxes, grinding coolants, and cleaners, for applications such as cabinet making, edgebanding, furniture production, veneering, plywood, the production of engineered wood flooring, as well as many others.  In addition to its standard products, the company says it can also develop custom solutions for woodworking end-users with special performance requirements. ACMOS works with leading OEMs as well as independent distributors to also support smaller-scale woodworking operations and hobbyists.