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Moisture sensors for wood products

MoistTech says its IR3000-W series moisture sensors feature cutting-edge NIR (near infrared) technology for accurate and reliable moisture analysis of wood products, including those used in bioenergy production. The company says the IR3000-W also reduces fire and explosion risk, prevents board press explosions, offers precise dryer control, and monitors blending for control of moisture and resin in wood products. Popular wood applications of the IR3000-W include bark, wood biomass, plywood, wood chips and pellets, and sawdust.

Pre-calibrated in the factory with customer samples, the IR3000-W is guaranteed to never drift over time or need recalibration, MoistTech says. Calibrations for up to 50 different products or product variations can be stored in each IR3000-W sensor. Also, the accuracy of the IR3000-W is unaffected by most material variations such as height and color and by ambient temperature and lights, MoistTech adds. The IR3000-W utilizes cast aluminum enclosures to effectively disperse heat and ensure more accurate readings, in contrast to competing sensors that use polished steel which holds and creates heat.