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2-axis dimensional measuring system
Accurate Technology's ProTable-CAB2 system uses two ProScale measuring systems placed in an X-Y configuration. With options that include a third axis measurement system for drawer depth, or an angular measurement system for out-of-square measurements, ProTable is available in three configurations, the CAB, the CAB V, and the CAB S. The ProTable-CAB model uses a ProScale LCD digital readout on each of the measuring axes. The readouts are each powered by a lithium battery, making the entire measuring system portable. The ProTable-CAB V model replaces individual readouts with a touchscreen monitor and Virtual Digital Read Out (VDRO) software, which displays the actual measured value of each axis with color-coded indications of in- or out-of-tolerance conditions. The ProTable-CAB S model is a fully configured system that includes an industrial rated computer, wireless data transmitters, an industrial touchscreen monitor and ProCAB QC quality control software.