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HEPA cyclone dust collector
July 18, 2022 | 8:26 pm CDT

The V-System 3000 HEPA cyclone dust collector from Oneida Air Systems is suited for 1-2 person shops operating tools such as jointers, planers, and radial/miter saws. An industrial grade 230V fan motor provides ample CFM for up to 2 tools at once with 4" to 6" dust ports. It includes RF remote control starter. The high-efficiency cyclone achieves over 99% separation with smooth, compound molded surface, and an ultra-quiet noise level (with included sound filters) of 74 dBA at 10 feet.

Other features include:

--A 35 or 55 gallon dust bin with quick-release lid and automatic fill level indicator.

--HEPA-certified filter media with non-stick membrane for easy cleaning.

--Durable, lightweight construction for quick and easy installation.