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25-ft dust collection hose reel
May 11, 2023 | 1:15 pm CDT

The AHR000025-KIT dust collection hose reel from Oneida Air Systems has a 2.5" diameter hose that the company says surpasses performance limitations of smaller, 1.5" diameter hoses. The hose unlocks airflow gains unavailable with smaller hoses currently on the market, the company says. The reel is compatible with all models of Oneida Air’s Supercell, Supercell Turbo, and Dust Cobra dust collectors. It includes a 25' high airflow 2.5" diameter hose, mounting frame, locking brake, and hardware.

It eliminates the need for carrying a bulky vacuum through the shop as it allows users to run the wherever it is needed. It connects to any standard 2.5" hose port. It is for use with both wet/dry vacuums and high-pressure dust collectors such as the Supercell and Dust Cobra.

It features a quick-release locking brake to prevent pullout and limit slack when in use. It can be re-oriented for both left- and right-handed customers. the reel mounts easily onto standard 16" stud spacing (hardware not included) as well as select portable freestanding units.