Zero glue joint edgebanding

Ltronic is Holz-Her's fully integrated solution for processing laser edging.  The NIR module (NIR = near infrared radiation) in the Ltronic unit activates the functional layer of the laser edging, resulting in perfect, invisible joints, the company says. Holz-Her's integrated GluJet system also achieves zero joint edging using PUR glue. On the Lumina edgebander, it is possible to change over from the LTRONIC to the GluJet unit as needed within minutes, using the high precision HSK interface.  The Lumina has an automatic recognition feature and is ready for use immediately after changing over; this changeover operation is supported by carts designed by Holz-Her specifically for the LTRONIC and the GluJet. The Ltronic was a 2016 IWF Challenger’s Award Winner.


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