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Edgebanding Series Offers Dual Systems for Invisible Joints

The new Lumina series offers a combination for processing panels with two systems for invisible joints. The GluJet application system is designed for standard use of PUR glue. The new LTRONIC system provides a fully integrated solution for processing laser edging. All current co-extruded and subsequently coated edging can be processed using this solution, says the company. The NIR module (NIR = Near Infrared Radiation) in the LTRONIC unit is electronically controlled for activating the laser edging functional layer. Holz-Her says LTRONIC offers a cost-effective alternative to laser and hot-air processes. On the Lumina it is possible to change over from the LTRONIC to the GluJet unit as needed within minutes using the HSK interface. The Lumina has an automatic recognition feature and is ready for use immediately after changing over to the LTRONIC. The maximum change-over time from one type of edging to another is five minutes, adds Holz-Her. The change-over operation is supported by two change-over carts designed by HOLZ-HER. The carts can be rolled up to the machine and docked on the guideways. Then the HSK lock is engaged and the power supply connected using the quick-release connectors. The Holz-Her NIR module in the LTRONIC unit offers immediate start-up and does not require any heat-up times. A complete edging database for laser edging is completely integrated into the control on the Lumina edgebanders and both systems have separate edge feed magazines with optimized feed angles, allowing  edging variety, from modern high gloss edging to thick solid wood edging.