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Dual-sided woodgrain textures

The Legno Collection from StevensWood allows furniture and wall panel applications to employ dual-sided woodgrain. Legno encompasses two woodgrain species, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo.  The graceful Tokaj Alder offers swooping cathedrals and rustic, yet clean appeal, while Walnut Tiepolo has modern, linear grain with softened aesthetic, says Stevens. 

Each species in the Legno Collection will provide myriad color options, empowering designers to create a space alive with vibrant wood tones and custom elegance. Hues ranging from the rugged warmth of the dark chocolate Vina, to crisp, clean pale tones of Siberian are available.  Further enhancing the offering is the availability of matched edgebanding, high-impact surfacing, mouldings and doors. 

The colors and textures are so true to real wood, nature would be flattered.