Compact CNC workcenter

Available from Atlantic Machinery Corp., the Vitap Point K2 compact CNC workcenter can produce 100 cabinets in 8 hours with 1 operator. With a footprint of less than 500 sq ft of space, the machine can perform face drilling, cutting, routing and grooving, as well as drilling operations on all four sides of the material. The patented D-D-T system enables the processes to be performed without the need to reset the parts hold-down, resulting in zero set-up time, the company adds.

About Atlantic Machinery Corp.


Since 1984, Atlantic Machinery has been importing and distributing a wide range of high-quality Italian woodworking machinery. Product lines include panel processing and solid wood equipment and dedicated machines for acoustic panels.  We are committed to providing superior support and service to help customers improve their profitability and efficiency.  For additional information, contact us at or 860-354-7200.


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