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5-Axis machining center
March 23, 2016 | 4:39 pm CDT

Available from Holz-Her, the Pro-Master 7125 5-axis machining can process workpieces up to 210mm in height from the top of the suction cups, while the 7225 model can handle workpieces of 300mm in height. The console tables are available up to 7,220 mm (24 feet) in length, making the machining of longer components for staircases and conservatories, etc. easily accomplished. Even large door components can be machined in a highly efficient manner in pendular processing, the company says. The unique PRO-Torque technology of the router spindle offers a software-controlled "locking" of the C and A-axes with particular advantages when milling at high cutting rates. The interface for changeover units complements the versatility of the fully interpolating machining heads, Holz-Her adds.