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Wood-Fiber Veneer Products


3A Composites USA offers three premiere wood-fiber veneer products for furniture professionals: Gator-Ply Backer; Syn-Ply Crossband; and Luxcell Backer/Facer. Gatory-Ply backers are low formaldehyde specialty engineered man-made wood fiber veneers that are impregnated with a proprietary resin system. Gator-Ply backers are used as a balancing medium in three-ply and five-ply panel construction, says the company.  3A Composites says its Gator-Ply Green Gator-Backer offers an economic alternative to conventional wood veneers and high-pressure laminates that is manufactured with no added formaldehyde. Gator-Ply Green Gator-Backer has been awarded GREENGUARD Certification.  Syn-Ply Crossband is a specialty engineered synthetic crossband man-made wood-fiber veneer impregnated with a proprietary resin system that allows it to be used in five-ply panel construction. Syn-Ply crossband is an alternative to poplar crossband in both residential and office furniture applications, adds the company. 3A Composite‚Äôs Description: backers are specialty engineered man-made wood-fiber veneers impregnated with a proprietary resin system, says the company. Luxcell products can be used as a backing material and/or facer and can be painted or printed by the furniture manufacturer. Both the Luxcell Backers and Facers can be used in three-ply and five-ply panel construction, adds the company. Gator-Ply, Syn-Ply and Luxcell synthetic veneers are manufactured in the USA.

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