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Contact Adhesives

The FastStick line of contact adhesives from Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, is its newest offering of lamination adhesives. The FastStick contains no methylene chloride or HAPS.

The line features three high-performance contact adhesive formulations including the FastStick Original Contact Adhesive, that offers a high-solids formulation that offers strong initial tack (at room temperature), high heat resistance and the combination of long open time and excellent dry time. 

FastStick Original is ultra-versatile and can be used in many laminating operations. It bonds HPL and other decorative overlays to common core materials, such as particleboard, MDF, and OSB. It also can be used to laminate High Performance Laminate (HPL) to particleboard and MDF core materials in the fabrication of store fixtures, millwork, cabinets, work surfaces, decorative panels and similar products. It will bond a range of porous and non-porous materials to themselves and each other including, but not limited to: HPL, melamine, wood veneer, decorative metal overlays, decorative plastic overlays, foam, fabric, some rubbers and some plastics (Not for use with unbacked, plasticized vinyls.)

FastStick Original is applied via a portable adhesives canister spray system. Canister sizes range from 30 to 280 lbs to meet specific operational demands, and the adhesives are available in red and natural. FastStick Original also is available in 15-ounce spray cans.

The company offers a version of FastStick Original that meets California and OTC regulations for VOC content. Like Original, new FastStick Cal Compliant Contact Adhesive is a synthetic rubber-based formulation and is also applied via an easy-to-use adhesives canister spray system. 

The third FastStick product is a water-based (polychloroprene-based) adhesive that is solvent-free with zero VOCs, for use in operations requiring non-flammable adhesives. Operators can apply it by brush, roller or spray.