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Flex Slot Adhesive Applicator for Edgebanding

Nordson Corp. introduces the EB 60 Flex Slot Applicator for edgebanding applications. The new applicator maximizes edge banding production efficiency with volume compensation making the first panel after a coating width change saleable, says the company. EB 60 Flex applicators optimize material use and production efficiency to save material cost and maintenance time while improving product quality, adds Nordson. Volume compensation eliminates introduction of air or adhesive squeeze-out during coating width changes for a consistent adhesive coating application, says Nordson. Adhesive volume is equalized inside the EB 60 Flex applicator so no purging is needed between width changes. The edge banding applicators integrate with a wide variety of OEM systems and software. The EB 60 Flex applicators use a variety of hot melt adhesives including ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyolefins and reactive polyurethane (PUR). Nordson adds there is an EB 60 Flex applicator for soft forming. A motorized version automatically adjusts coating width using input from a touch-screen control panel. A hand wheel adjusts the nozzle width for the manual version. A nozzle closing device covers the nozzle opening during production/machine stops, which is useful in keeping PURs from curing, says the company.

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