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Adhesive Tank Melters

Nordson Corp. has released VersaPUR adhesive tank melters as its latest moisture-curing reactive polyurethane (PUR) adhesive system to facilitate and enable PUR adhesive use in manufacturing. The VersaPUR tank melter simplifies processing, clean-up and maintenance of moisture-curing reactive hot melt adhesive with an easy-to-clean design, says the company. VersaPUR melters’ assembly applications include edgebanding, profile wrapping, bookbinding and automotive subassembly. Smooth, non-stick release coated surfaces and a tiltable tank provide easy access for cleanup and maintenance, adds Nordson, and all components in contact with PUR offer easy access and quick disassembly to facilitate cleaning. User-friendly, intuitive graphic controls simplify programming and provide visibility of system status, says the company. An optional sensor and warning for tank levels is available as are a variety of variable-speed gear pump options, with key-to-line availability. It is available with either manual or automatic pressure controls. 

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